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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Update: Cold Sores and Hiding in Chicago is Over

Look at the size of the cold sore I had on my mouth the whole time I was in Chicago. 

Just being in the geographic region where the abuse happened in 1953-5 had a physical effect on me, making me mostly too sick to accomplish much.  The whole time I was in Chicago last year my eyes ran and I'd get these infections that popped and drained, inside the eyelid. It was really gross and I hid inside a lot because of it, certain I had lupus. But since moving to the desert last June, I am suddenly healthy.  Barely resemble the person in these pics from May 2013 in Chicago just before I came home.

So now, I guess you'd say I'm recovering from the trip last three years, in fact I'm reeling from how awful the trip was the last three years, I'm writing and rewriting drafts for this blog, and at the same time, wishing none of this happened so I could just hang out and watch movies.  

But I can't.  This whole story really happened and I can't retire until I tell it.

This whole project is happening slower than I'd like.  But it is happening.  For instance, now I am going through notes from my trip to Bartlett and found these pictures.  

The Catholic Church attacked me for doing this blog on several levels, that's all I'll say for now, but that is the underlying theme of this story, that is what drives it, and there will be more coming shortly.  

I honestly think I still have to put some distance between me and what happened to sort it out.  Rereading old notes from the period is very revealing.   

So glad I'm living in the Mojave Desert now 


More to Come, promise, -kay ebeling

Shoot.  Looking at that cold sore, remembering how sick I was the whole time I was there. . . wonder if they poisoned me too. . . naaah, it's the power of geography.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Writing it now, to post when the weather cools