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Monday, August 29, 2016

Looking for Mr. Good Bible update

the Presbyterian church half mile from where I live is starting a class "Sermon on the Mount" in mid-September through November, and I am going to go from the first Sunday to as long as I can...
I'm not going into the church itself for service after classes as they wear the same robes Catholics do, way too similar, but-
Doing Bible studies around town  so far has allowed me to meet people who think "Zionists run Hollywood" and who give way too much power to a book full of pages pressed out by old monks with an agenda. . . 
Looking forward to digging into the Sermon, but I'm pretty convinced Christ already came back, saw the abomination people are making of his word in his name and said, forget this place and left for another planet to try the experiment again. 
we are on our own
good morning 


Since I was age six, the first time they tried to kill me in the dump truck incident*, everything in my life has been guided by angels.  So I'm going to these Bible studies even though I may be exposed to dogma that, even though I look at it objectively, could taint my truth.
I am also going to use those Bible studies as a way to meet people. So not giving up on the classes around town, still going to try the 12 week series on the Sermon that starts next week, just blocks from here.  Just accepting that this is happening at a much slower pace for me than it would for someone else. I have to keep canceling potential meeting situations because of this screwy job that I do in a room at home by myself communicating with no one.
I guess that's god’s will for me.
It's also true that if too many people find out who I am and about my blog, things will get really uncomfortable for me, like they did in the last two places where I lived.
I guess I should gleefully embrace this isolation
Which includes every member of my family even my daughter
I spend the free hours I have wandering around and am grateful I've moved to a town where there is a tourist-y area, called "Heavenly" no less, the area around the Gondola, where people who are total strangers all walk about in a crowd.
I fit right in. 

happy labor day weekend 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Triggers from Mr. Good Bible

Glad I kick started this project under a new name as it is triggering all kinds of up-all-night thoughts such as;

This is the thought that is waking me up: God went to all that trouble to send his son and put him through all that, to get humans to straighten up. And it did not work. I think Christ already came back, saw the way humans turned everything he said ass-backwards and how we not only returned to hate greed and deviousness but are doing it in His Name. So Jesus said, "Forget this place" and went on to try it again with his own son at another planet. We Are On Our Own now.


all you have to do is put Christian in your name and a cross in your logo and you have instant customers and profits, not what Christ was sent here to set up.

The post that I'm writing now is LOOONG and involves the Bible chapter John 20

stay tuned

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just ran into a local Church of Christ guy I met doing Looking for Mr. Good Bible. He insisted to me that Hollywood is run by the Zionists, and I said, funniest thing, I've been working on TV shows and film pres kits since 1998 and have never seen any sign of that. He says it's true, it's all over the internet. Not going back to that church... onward 

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Posts related to story coming soon;


An Extended version first appeared here: 


I think I wrote it somewhere else.  It's all related to a post I'm working on now, titled "Looking for Mr. Good Bible."


Looking for Mr. Good Bible

Kay Ebeling added a new video.
5 mins
bizarre morning where i watched Spotlight, finally, for the first time, while waiting for a ride to a church bk I am writing a story for this blog, CofA15, "Looking for Jesus in South Lake Tahoe," which covers my journey to find a church I can stand in this town. Mostly for Bible study, as I feel a need to study the source of all this stuff right now. But for those who know my story, it is weird to do all this in one AM and to be honest, I could not sit through the service. will be writing a lot more soon both on what it was like for this very public and vocal pedophile priest survivor to finally watch Spotlight, and this project, Looking for Mr. Good Bible - still working on the title.

Posted by Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Blog
Not just L.A., the City of Angels is Everywhere

As a person who does believe in something, not sure what, I almost laugh out loud though, when I hear people do prayer requests, I have to admit. I mean, if God is omnipotent, doesn't He already know Grandma is about to have gallbladder surgery?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Background, story coming shortly

Chapter One First Light
Chapter Two The Thud and a Nipple Dress
Chapter Three Considering Who We Are 



Timothy Leary was alive and well and living in Laguna in 1969

Timothy Leary was alive and well in Laguna in 1969

The story will continue here shortly

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Coming Soon

I kept finding this note to myself around my office so finally opened that file and found a good way to get back into this story. So a post titled "One of the Last Times I had Sex was with Three Drunk Hungarians" is coming soon. It will hearken back to this May 29 2012 post about Marilyn Monroe and me