I lived with PTSD for 40 years, after molestation by a Catholic priest at age five. Read my story as I write it here through 2015.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Faster Than the Speed of Life 
(What a pedophile priest survivor discovered when she took to the internet to seek justice. To be posted on line here at City of Angels 15 through 2015. First excerpt coming in January.)

April 2012:  Okay just called St. Peter Damian Church and said, “I'm Katy Jones and I'm in town for six weeks and wondered if you have boxes of stuff I can go through from the early years of the church say, 1949 to 1955.”  

I said, “My dad was an usher there then and my mom played the organ, so I was hoping I’d be able to find pictures or old news clippings about the church from that time.  I wondered if you have anything?”

She said “There is something in storage."  And then she asked, "What was your name again?"

My dang inability to lie clicked in, and before I knew it I said “Ebeling.  The family name is Ebeling.  His name was George, hers was Lucille.”

It seemed to be taking her a while to write that down in the silence from the other end of the phone, then she said, “Okay, I'll check into it and call you back.”

We'll see.

Yes, I filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Archdiocese last year, along with my sister, because we were molested in the fifties by just one of three pedophile priests at St. Peter Damian in Bartlett IL, but hey, my dad helped found this church.


My plan had been to show up in person and the phone call was just to find out when there was a person in the office who could show me boxes, as last time I went during posted office hours there was no one there. 

But now I said the name Ebeling to her on the phone.

We'll see if she calls back.  

I'm not good at subterfuge at all.

December 2014:  They never called.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sample paragraphs coming next January, meanwhile on Facebook

News where you can hear, even the crew laughs out loud, bk it's delivered so funny. By Rachel Maddow, my main source, who btw makes me wonder if I too am a dike, just Father Horne caused me to never realize it. Anyway, watch the segment here called "C-Span Captures Sputtering End..." and you too will laugh out loud while learning current events on a Sunday. Good morning
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  • Kay Ebeling That's a line of dialogue, btw, that I am trying to perfect: I could have been a dike, but I don't know it, bk a Catholic priest aroused me at age five and I went crazy after any man who resembled him the next 40 years. So who knows. Maybe I really am a lesbian. That's just one more way these priests fucked with us. literally fucked with us.
  • Kay Ebeling still needs work
  • Kay Ebeling fucked works better than screwed, hate to say it

Monday, December 2, 2013

Just think what it does to a kid at age five or six, to arouse them sexually and never tell them what that feeling is, just leave the child feeling it. Then add to that, the molester is a Catholic priest who your family thinks is a saint. I mean, no wonder I was so screwed up so long, it's a wonder I made it to age 65 at all with all the STDs and serial rapist-killers out there. So I may as well enjoy what's left of my life. But Man!
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