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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sample paragraphs coming next January, meanwhile on Facebook

News where you can hear, even the crew laughs out loud, bk it's delivered so funny. By Rachel Maddow, my main source, who btw makes me wonder if I too am a dike, just Father Horne caused me to never realize it. Anyway, watch the segment here called "C-Span Captures Sputtering End..." and you too will laugh out loud while learning current events on a Sunday. Good morning
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  • Kay Ebeling That's a line of dialogue, btw, that I am trying to perfect: I could have been a dike, but I don't know it, bk a Catholic priest aroused me at age five and I went crazy after any man who resembled him the next 40 years. So who knows. Maybe I really am a lesbian. That's just one more way these priests fucked with us. literally fucked with us.
  • Kay Ebeling still needs work
  • Kay Ebeling fucked works better than screwed, hate to say it

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