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Friday, August 6, 2010

Documenting These Strange Times

(Will be adding and rearranging stories here as they come up)

Portland, OR, he is steelworker employed in construction until 2007, now homeless in Portland, OR, this video documents a day in his life, credit Oregonian
“Homeless in PDX"

Homeless Woman Run Over in Park

Death of Joann Burton July 27, 2010: After gentrification destroyed the area where homeless used to dwell in Cincinnati, Joann Burton was sleeping in a park. Police car decided to take a shortcut and ran her over where she was catching a few hours rest between two trees. Her death comes "in context of the year's long effort of the quasi-public development group Cincinnati Center City Development Corp, to 'take over the entire Over-the-Rhine neighborhood south of Liberty Street and drive out the suffering and homeless.' Read More And More Photos at Cincinnati Dot Com
ISLAMABAD 5th August 2010. Pakistan’s flood victims seek food and shelter as the worst floods in 80 years continue to wash away villages leaving thousands homeless and dead. United Nations has warned that a shortage of food could threaten the lives of thousands of people who are trapped in the floodwaters in northwestern Pakistan... Read in full at Pattaya Daily News which is also source of photo above.

At last G20, "someone" funded the Black Bloc to rampage through Toronto, uninhibited by a huge private black-hooded security force, who then turned loose with riot gear to beat up on protesters:

Same thing happened in 2007
In Redding CA, a Tent City on Technology Way is coming down. Local agencies will provide "services" and "assistance" for homeless living there, but no one mentions housing.
Santa Barbara As Always Decades More Advanced Than the Rest of Us, now in dealing with Homeless: Santa Barbara Mayor Schneider, Carbajal speak out on homeless report - The Daily Sound: An overwhelming number of the homeless deaths over the last year in Santa Barbara involved individuals who were either ...


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