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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adults Only version at the blog next door

We are expanding our reach at City of Angels Blog.

As of this fall you will be able to read an Adults Only version of Faster Than the Speed of Life at the blog next door, CofA 16.  Here is the announcement from yesterday, hmm, interesting.  Posting this here made me realize the way I've designed the R-Rated version, it doeso not copy and paste real well.

That's fine.  Serendipity Rules.  Click the title to read the whole story, even though it does not look that way.  This is a work in progress...

Introducing R-Rated Version of City of Angels Blog

Adults Only Version 
of Faster than the Speed of Life

Here, I'm going to add SEX to the story at CofA 15 and post the whole "book" free as an Adults Only blog (with a place to send PayPal high-$5 clicks, the Donate button top right).

I'm going to write it all, from what happened with the priest when I was preschool aged to what happened to me doing the blog in my fifties, with all the sexual dysfunction of my life in between, YES, add in all the SEX because SEX SELLS and since it permeates my story, Why The F--- Not?  So here is where it will be posted, first chapter coming soon after the weather cools.

I've been writing this story at CofA 1-30 since 2006 and at Faster Than the Speed of Life both blogs in a disjointed fashion, throwing in a personal post here and there in between journalism coverage of the pedophile priest epidemic.  And I've held to a steady two to three hundred readers for six and a half years.

Recently I decided, why not include the sex.  My story just happens to be full of sex but I've politely left most of it out so far, when, face it, sex is what gets readers into your story.  Continue Reading.


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Adults Only Version of Faster Than the Speed of Life at Cityofangels16

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