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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Worst part about being a pedophile priest victim seeking justice. (More from 2013 journal, Chicago)

Read a quote in a news story about St. Peter Damian Church from 2002, when two former priests at my perp parish, were removed from ministry. 

The parishioner says, ‘It hasn’t shaken my faith,’ or something to that effect.  Here I am eleven years later reading that in the archive at Bishop Accountability thinking, ‘Good for the parishioner’ then I realize, that's the worst part about being a pedophile priest victim seeking justice.

The bad guys are connected to the parishioners at way too high a level for me to reach them from down here on the ground. That's why it did not work when I went to the Church here trying to find other victims of Father Horne. 

Even I don't want to interfere with a person’s faith. 

That one small town church housed three pedophile priests, including my perp Father Horne-y, the parish founder.  The 2002 article was the one and only time that Bartlett parish outside Chicago had been in a pedophile priest news story, when Bernardin removed 20(?) priests all at once in one week.

Makes me so conflicted myself, can’t imagine how conflicted it would make a person who was inside the bubble of prayer and total belief when confronted suddenly with the harsh truth of pedophile priests. 

So now they all get to go on with their faith, in bliss, while I'm on the outside with no foundation at all.  

To me Catholics are attractive zombies. I wish I could be one of them.  That rote repetition of gospel twisted in with thousand year old religious tract seems like something I too would like to do.

But I can’t. 

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