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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PTSD and capacitance

Hard to describe these things
but I keep trying

PTSD and capacitance: 
When you experience the original trauma, the capacity of your nerve cells expands.  At a cellular level, you now have an ability to contain new trauma. Nerves are elastic-like and now, after the trauma, have an increased capacity to expand. 

So years later, when someone hollers at you, or an everyday type trauma happens- traffic, weather, news-  this PTSD patient feels something like the original trauma, re-experiencing it at least at a nerve cell level, because the cells open up and expand to accommodate a new influx of a large amount of trauma.

So even though the two incidents are very different, the second one a minor everyday trauma that most people just tolerate, it can cause this PTSD patient to re-experience the same feelings experienced during the original trauma, at a nerve cell level.  I open up and experience all the horrible physical stuff all over again, just I guess, from memory, sense memory? 

Something like that anyway.

-kay ebeling

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