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Sunday, May 11, 2014

I KNOW they blocked my blog somehow from getting picked up in search engines, bk every Chill Hippie one I post does get into Google search, but None of the Catholic Pedophile Priest stuff goes to google search. I started CofA25 Chill Hippie a couple years after the other blogs, after I'd kinda stopped the others bk too much weird stuff kept happening. The Catholic Church screws with the pedo-priest victims in hundreds of ways that the public never gets to see. Especially if one of us starts a blog. How does anyone believe anything those people say!!!??? 
Kay Ebeling Chill Hippie gets one tenth as many clicks as the others, yet Chill shows up in Google searches and Clergy Case blogs don't. WTF did the Church do    what's really loony is an avid Catholic will read what I just said and go, oh poor soul, and then pray for me to come back to the church. Not wake up and realize their bishops are thugs, just think they are doing something for me by praying i come back to the church. AAARRGGGHHH

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Also thanks to the bishops lying through this whole thing, Catholics who still go to church have heard the bishops lie, so think pedo-priest victims are just out to destroy their religion. So, a new friend who is Catholic reads my blog and WHAM!! Last week this one woman turned on me, So Mean in a subtle insidious way, she just changed. It's become a litmus test for me. If you can read my blog and still be my friend, you are a decent person. If you can't, you have been totally brainwashed, or something.

mothers day. My mom was boning the priest, that's how he got to me and my sister. None of these holidays work for me, mothers day is especially weird. Then my daughter disappeared from my own life this year, probably to get away from all of us. I understand. I'm back to being an old hippie with a little apartment and No Family. That's how it is for some folks.

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